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Specialists in Underground Utilities

For over 40 years, PGC General Contractors, LLC has provided a broad spectrum of private, commercial, and municipal underground utility services throughout central Texas.

Our Markets


Peabody General Contractors Heavy Equipment Machinery Facing Sun

PGC has provided a broad spectrum of underground utility services throughout central Texas. We have experience with multifamily and single family home developments, as well as with development that correlates with the creation of new homes and neighborhoods including retail, education, and more.

  • Excavation & Trenching

  • Structural Concrete

  • Asphalt


PGC Large Valve Installation

PGC is renowned throughout Austin for our expertise in underground utility installation and rehabilitation, specializing in both wet utilities—such as water, wastewater, storm, and fire lines—and dry utilities.

  • Water Line Installation

  • Storm Pipe Installation

  • Wastewater Line Installation

  • Electrical Systems Installation

  • Telecommunications Installation

  • Natural Gas Installation


Peabody General Contractors City of Austin Downtown Skyline

PGC has an IDIQ, indefinite delivery/ indefinite quantity, contract with the City of Austin for on-call, emergency waterline repair, including valve replacement and manway installation. We also have extensive experience with constructing and rehabbing of water and wastewater treatment plants.

  • IDIQ Contract with the City of Austin

  • Valve Replacement

  • Water Treatment Plants

Our Critical Success Factors

Success isn’t just about money; it’s about sticking to our beliefs. Our critical success factors and values guide our team and our connections with clients, suppliers, and communities. By sticking to these principles, we’re ensuring our company stays strong, flexible, and ready for whatever comes our way.

People are at the heart of everything we do and the most important asset of our company. We value, respect, and protect everyone inside and outside of the enterprise including employees, business partners, supply-chain partners, clients/customers, and our communities.
Commitment to safety tops our list of priorities. We strive to create a safe work environment for our employees, our partners, and the public at large. We leave the work area in good condition and practice environmental stewardship.
We agree to a price and work schedule that we can honor, recognizing that our partners make commitments based on our costs and timeframe. We aim to set realistic production rates and avoid compromising safety, quality, or care of equipment in order to meet a production schedule.
Proper Care of Equipment & Tools
PGC invests in and maintains the proper equipment and machinery required by the projects we undertake. We view the condition of our equipment as a reflection of our professionalism and consequently keep the equipment looking good and running smoothly.
Client Service
We are in service to the partners who put the success of a project in our hands. We strive to deliver each project on-time and on-budget, and we endeavor to uphold our professional obligation to our partner’s shareholders, business partners, and end users.
Quality is a given at PGC, from the smallest scope of work to general contracting an entire project. As masters of our trade, we perform our work in an effective, timely, professional manner and in compliance with the project requirements set forth in our contract.

Trusted Relationships

We value the trust and confidence that developers and municipalities place in PGC’s ability to provide a full range of superior, cost-effective civil construction services.

Thoughts From Our Leadership Team

“Changing the culture within the industry, empowering our employees to succeed, providing opportunity for individuals to achieve their dreams, treating our clients, our vendors, and our people as we want to be treated, that’s what we strive for everyday.”